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Foundational Ontology:

Claudenir M. Fonseca, Daniele Porello, Giancarlo Guizzardi, João Paulo A. Almeida, Nicola Guarino. Relations in Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modeling. Conceptual Modeling – 38th International Conference, {ER} 2019, Salvador, Brazil, November 4-7, 2019, Proceedings. 28-42. (paper)

G. Guizzardi, C. Fonseca, A. B. Benevides, J. Almeida, D. Porello, T. Sales. Endurant types in ontology-driven conceptual modeling: Towards OntoUML 2.0. In 37th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER) (2018). 136-150. (paper)    


Judgment Aggregation:

D. Porello. Judgment aggregation in non-classcial logics. Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics. 27 (1-2): 106-139. 2017 (paper)

Ulle Endriss, Umberto Grandi, and Daniele Porello. Complexity of Judgment Aggregation. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 45:481-514, 2012. (paper)    


Ontology aggregration:

D. Porello, N. Troquard, R. Peñaloza, R. Confalonieri, P. Galliani, O. Kutz. Two Approaches to Ontology Aggregation Based on Axiom Weakening. In Proceedings of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 23rd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. (IJCAI-ECAI 2018). 1942-1948. (paper)

Daniele Porello and Ulle Endriss. Ontology Merging as Social Choice: Judgment Aggregation under the Open World Assumption. Journal of Logic and Computation. 24 (6): 1229-1249, 2014. (paper)



D. Porello. Single-peakedness and semantic dimensions of preferences. Logic Journal of IGPL, 2016. 24(2): 570-583. (paper)

Valeria Ottonelli and Daniele Porello. On the Elusive Notion of Meta-Agreement. Politics, Philosophy & Economics. 12 (1): 68-92, 2013. (paper)


Logic of agency:

D. Porello and N. Troquard. Non-normal modalities in variants of Linear Logic. Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics. 25(3): 229-255. 2015. (paper)